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Cheyenne Brown – Scottish Tunes and American Bluegrass

Die Dozenten

Anne Kox-Schindelin

Carola Pinder

Cheyenne Brown

Elisabeth Pawelke

Eva Curth

Daniela Heiderich

Julia Martinjak

Nicole Peniston-Bird

Ralf Kleemann

Sabine Stutz



Anforderungen für die Teilnahme:

For this course, one year’s playing experience would be the minimum.  

As the course will be taught by ear, participants should be open to this type of musical learning.

Sheet music will be provided at the end, but not at the beginning of the course.  

Participants should have a clear understanding of the notes on the harp and should be able to play some simple tunes.


Alaskan-born Cheyenne Brown has been based in Scotland for the past 15 years where she performs and teaches the Scottish harp.

Her playing style is characteristically free and creative, making much use of basslines, improvisation and contrasting textures as well as braiding strands of tradition from Scotland and America.  

In addition to regular teaching locally and abroad, she works with several different bands including the Bluegrass/Scottish fusion North Atlantic Project, the world music collaboration Homebound (2016 release Adroneline), and in duo with fiddler Tory Dugan (2016 release Road Soda).  

Cheyenne’s solo album, “Parallel Latitudes”, has been critically acclaimed as “creative and atmospheric modern use of the harp” (Living Tradition).
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