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Cheyenne Brown – Scottish Tunes and American Bluegrass

Die Dozenten

Anne Kox-Schindelin

Carola Pinder

Cheyenne Brown

Elisabeth Pawelke

Eva Curth

Daniela Heiderich

Julia Martinjak

Nicole Peniston-Bird

Ralf Kleemann

Sabine Stutz


A variety of tunes from Scotland and the bluegrass tradition in America will be taught by ear.  

Beautiful slow airs, together with fingers flying in jigs and reels, will leave the participants with a wonderful collection of new tunes to add to their repertoire.  

Arrangements will be taught in layers, so more advanced players can add more, and more beginner players can stick with one hand.  

Learning by ear in the traditional Scottish style enables the tune to go quicker to muscle memory, making a challenging but rewarding alternative to sightreading!  

Sheet music provided at the end of each session, and recording devices welcome.  

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Harfensommer – Cheyenne Brown
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