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Harfensommer – Vicente La Camera Mariño – »Harpoetica« …

Die Dozenten

Carola Pinder

Elisabeth Pawelke

Eva Curth

Fanny Herbst

Julia Martinjak

Ralf Kleemann

Sabine Stutz

Theresa Rohmund

Vicente La Camera Mariño



Anforderungen für die Teilnahme:

The requirements for the participants is to have some experience with the harp and playing (being familar with the instrument) a little knowledge of “basic harmony” also helps.

Music reading is always helpful in order to get the songs quicker, but it’s not necessary “perfect sight-reading”.

All harps welcome (most of the music we will be looking at is for 34 stringed harps).

Medium level of playing will be enough.


Vicente studies and performs on medieval, early clairseach and Celtic harps.
His research includes repertoire, technique, and expressive performance practice.
He has performed and presented workshops and courses in the Canary Islands and mainland Spain, France, Ireland, Japan, Scotland, Paraguay, Germany and California.

He has three recordings:  
“Sleep at thy Fairy Music”,
“The Toutching of the String” and
“La Flor del Silencio”.

His latest project “harpoetica” in which Vicente searchs the freedom of musical expression, full of contrast and delicate approach, enables him to create wonderful compositions where a very personal touch and approach gives its own character to Vicente’s music, focusing on expressing the freedom of creativity, without labels or any other limitations, allowing him to expand more and more when creating and playing new compositions.

Vicentes YouTube-Kanal
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